Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On Coping With Caring

"I am never given more than I can handle; but need to consider new ways of handling situations if the old ways are not working.
I am open to new ideas, new solutions, and new arrangements if they are called for."
-Lyn Roche "Coping with Caring"

Who'd of thought that giving notice at work would garner such insightful responses from my co-workers and friends? After two short years working at a place, albeit one full of creativity and insight anyway, announcing that I was leaving had people quoting philosophy from down the hall.
The decision was made last week that I would return to the daily overseer role for the young Bear and Wolf children; Wolf's social and learning issues being the most convincing reason.
I initially accepted the job at the Office while we were still in South Carolina, knowing that the long, dark winters would soon drive me to certain distraction if I didn't have something to do outside the home. But 24 months later, it is time for me to go back into the home.
Bear will be able to attend "regular" pre-school, free of hotdog and white bread lunches and naps on institutional cots with children who ate Doritos and Kool Aid for breakfast. He will be able to play dress-up and pirates with mommy, and go to playdates.
Wolf will have a mother available for all-to-frequent parent/teacher visits, volunteer opportunities, and school project assistance.
Yukon will have a wife who doesn't look as if she just emerged from the clothes dryer on a static-y winter afternoon.
And me? Oh yeah, me.

I will write. And drink wine. And laugh.

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dorothy said...

Welcome to the wine drinkers with children club! There is a new one "14 hands" that I really like out of Washington. How do you think I remember that name?