Friday, February 15, 2008

Spring Has Sprung, Not

My sister-in-law sent me these bulbs, complete with soil and pot, for Christmas. I had forgotten about them, but lo and behold, I have flowers!

Until I moved to Alaska I had never before appreciated the freshness of green plants, or the sweet smell of a flower in February, when spring fever hits us hard. Tired of snow, cold, and darkness (although that is getting better, rapidly), this is the time of year when Alaskans head for anyplace warm. Anyplace at all.

I love the view from my kitchen window; flower pot on the sill, snow-covered trees out back, my little snowflake lights glimmering around the frame. Winter is many months away, I fear (we had almost 18 inches of snow overnight and this morning, I had to shovel twice), but a little peep of spring is right under my nose.

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dorothy said...

Love your flowers! I put primroses in my window last Sunday - it was that or take up serious drinking until the snow melts. DH pulled a fun one on about moving to NC? Isn't this YOUR life - does that mean if I suffer for a year in the South I can then join you in AK and it can be just like 35 years ago? Please tell me it's true!