Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update For the Wolf Den

Random moments of reflection already this morning. We're up, drinking coffee and watching the last of an overnight snowstorm filter the grayish light into our living room. Yukon and Bear are downstairs watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and I am cooking sweet potatoes.

This is the second year Wolf will not be with us for the holidays, and, perhaps due to a bit more growth on everyone's part, or perhaps simply because we are more comfortable with our roles and arrangements, the emotions surrounding this day and days to come have matured, too.

The spirit of 'Thankfulness'; it has been a part of Bear's preschool curriculum all week, it is on Facebook, in the newspaper, and thus, the concept rests in my own mind as well. But different, maybe than the usual.

What am I grateful for this year, about and for my Asperger's child, and our family?

I am thankful we found, almost by accident, CHYC. It is far away, but it is now Home for our son. Without it he, and we, would be in desperate need.

I am blessed by the people who have been placed, so strategically and carefully, into our lives this past year. People who are so incredibly precious to this journey and its outcome. Were we not traveling this road, our family's relationships with these individuals, while still valuable, would not bring me to a place of tearful thanks today. You know who you are.

I can say today, too, that I am grateful for Asperger Syndrome. A disorder that is frustrating and sometimes cruel, but one that does not allow our son to dwell on his position in life, at least not yet. He is generally happy where he is, who is is with, and for days that come and go with comfortable regularity. Holidays, thankfully, are tougher for us than they are for him. And, God willing, it will stay that way, for I am happy to bear this burden if it means his happiness.

Wolf is spending the day playing in the CHYC Annual Turkey Bowl. He stinks at football, but he has collected stats for college teams, has his outfit picked out, and his attitude hopefully adjusted. His first words to us were about his excitement for the game.

We could hear it in his voice. And we were grateful.

Thanks from us to those who give to him. Every day, all day, all the time.

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