Saturday, May 22, 2010

A "No-Agenda" Weekend

This is probably the last weekend for a while that "AK Fam" will be able to clearly state we have "no agenda". Not that we mind, of course, but with summer rapidly approaching, there were some things that needed attention. Like us.

Yukon spent quality time planting his beloved horseradish sprout, sent to him from Portland by his mother, god bless her. Have you ever owned a horseradish plant? If so, you would know that it spreads like dandilion, and is almost as hard to control. But Yukon spent the day coddling the new flower bed, adding sand and compost, and calling this new garden addition his "baby". Please.

Bear decided that the weather was nice enough to run through the sprinkler, and convinced some neighborhood buddies of the same. Too bad I couldn't get them off the towels to actually use the sprinkler. But at least my lawn got watered.

It was a lovely day in Alaska, and I'm now waiting for Yukon to finish grilling up our salmon burgers to finish up this relaxing Saturday. We might even have sunburns. Really.

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