Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bound For the Wolf Den

I'm both packing and unpacking tonight as I prepare for my unplanned visit to see Wolf. Flying out at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for a full day of travel as I'm unpacking from our trip to Homer and packing in advance for two weeks of work/vacation aboard the Alaska Marine Highway system, I'm not sure just where I'm coming from or going to at this point.

To make matters worse, the cottonwoods are flinging their cotton all about Alaska and causing my brain to explode.

Bear is at day camp all week, a friend will pick him up, Yukon has been duly instructed in the mechanics of lunch-making, clothes-changing, bed-time-enforcing, so hopefully things will slide by fairly smoothly around here.

Haven't heard from Wolf since he hung up the phone on me last week, so our meeting will undoubtedly be interesting. I'm ready, though, to make some decisions as to what we will be doing and when and where. The Asperger's is talking, and it's up to me to find Wolf in there someplace.

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