Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From the Wolf Den: All That Glitters is Not Necessarily Gold

I swear my son was a racoon in his former life. Attracted to anything shiny, bright, and/or with the perception of value captures his immediate attention and usually sends the adults around him into hyperspace with fretting when these "treasures" are discovered. Case in point was the fact it took me a month to clean Wolf's room after he first left for CHYC.

After three years living in a fairly regimented environment where all possessions are logged, categorized, and kept fairly minimal, Wolf now finds himself in a place where he is permitted to keep more "Stuff." Now that he lives in one of the gold mining capitals of the world, guess what shiny item is taking center stage? Argh.

Gold Fever is real because I'm sick, sick, sick of talking about it. I'm sure the Arctic Manor staff are, too, but we all suffer with good humor because Wolf is so darned cute when he is talking about gold, mining, panning, and/or sluicing. We can't help it.

However, we must remind ourselves fairly frequently that Wolf's impulses are indeed brash and solid and hard to control, so should the mailman deliver three "authentic" gold coins to the Arctic Manor mailbox, it is a teachable moment (or two, or three) to explain why they need to be sent back.

I can't wait to see what he's hiding under his bed.


Marge said...

So Wolf is celebrating his new found freedom by ordering authentic gold coins, uh?

No, don't put out any bird feeders at your place. Not a good idea!

We've begun to plan our trip up next summer. We are thinking now that we have a great mileage getting car, we just might drive up again! We've already done so 3 times, but love that scenery so might drive again!

Natalie said...

You'll probably find a shaggy old miner under the bed. No worries, of course; you can chase off a bear -the fellow will pose no obstacle for you.