Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yukon: Haven't We Been Here Before?

If these photos look somewhat familiar, join me in saying a big "ARGH" to the fact that yes, Yukon did indeed have surgery again. His elbow and shoulder were just not experiencing the range of motion desired by both he and his surgeon (not to mention our friend and physical therapist), so on Wednesday we returned to the Anchorage Surgery Center for Round Two.

Thankfully all ended well; two pins came out (the figure-eight wire will remain forever), an elbow was bent, and a shoulder was rotated. That was the easy part.

Now comes the weeks and weeks of painful physical therapy. Since the surgery Yukon has had an IV port connected to his neck and a little "power pack" delivering a nerve block to his entire left arm. Physical therapy began on Thursday, and the block will allow his brain and body to accept the amount of movement our PT pal is delivering.

We've only heard screaming once, yesterday, as Bear and I sat in the waiting room. It was awful.

The block comes out today, thanks to a visiting nurse, and we are anticipating a painful night as the full feel of such surgery becomes more real.

It has been sort of nice, though, to ease into this point. We were able to plan and that makes a huge difference.

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Marge said...

ARRRRRGH! Surgery again? I'm so sorry to hear that. Hopefully this will fix it once and for all. You didn't need this at this time, did you. Too much going on for you.

I think of you and Wolf's situation so often. I pray you find a solution that will be of benefit for him and for you.

Only about 18 days until my Seldovia son comes home for a visit. I can't wait!

Hugs and blessings..........