Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wassup, Alaska?

It was the first day of Spring on Tuesday, and I celebrated by spending a few hours shoveling the hardpacked, grainy snow away from our 4' fence line to keep the dogs from daintly stepping over the remaining 4 inches of chainlink visible to us. Riley, the worst offender,  was less than impressed by my efforts.

Temperatures have been below Zero at night, but rising to a glorious 32 or so with brilliant sunshine during the day. I'll take that as a message from Mother Nature that she's at least thinking about releasing us from our wintertime bondage.

Alaska is like that, some years. I think it's a reminder of just how far north we live, and why we choose to stay.

We're lucky, that's what.


Natalie said...

Oh...the photography...drool....

Marge said...

Even my son , as much as he loves to backcountry ski, is ready for spring, he says. You guys have had a bit of snow this year, haven't you? We are in the midst of a heavy rain right now, with the iris about 10 inches tall, and day lilies about 5 inches tall. We had 80 a couple of days ago. It is unbelievable for March!