Monday, September 24, 2012

Opening the Door to Home

"Son," he said. "Grab your things, I've come to take you home." - Peter Gabriel, Solsbury Hill

I've just opened two emails. The first is a huge attachment of paperwork outlining everything from school goals to personal hygiene recommendations. The second is an airline ticket. Correction: two airline tickets.

This swirl of information comes just as I finished rearranging the furniture in the house and my office. I needed to do something other than write or think about what the next few months will hold for us.

It is good. It is also overwhelmingly frightening.

My heart going boom, boom, boom.


Marge said...

Are you bringing Wolf home? Oh, I wish we could have met when I passed through Anchorage! Next time for sure. Let me know what's happening! My heart is also going boom, boom, boom thinking of the possibility of what you are doing!

Hugs and prayers my friend.

Natalie said...

OK, Marge covered it all. Wow.