Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Jetta Prison

Yeah, so I have been griping about how warm the weather has been in Anchorage lately. What was I thinking?
Took the Jetta to the Monster Car Wash (Sasquatch Wash, $11) yesterday because I could not see for the two-inch layer of dust accumulated on the windshield; coupled with blinding sunshine, an accident waiting to happen.
Sat in line, listening to the Sounds of the Holidays on our local silver-hair a.m. radio station, watching some idiot in a 16-passenger van attempt to go through the wash's height-limit bar.
Had a lovely car wash, spent the time engulfed by "Spooky Soap" cleaning out my bag to the tune of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", drove out of the Wash, and dripped my way down the road to pick up Wolf from school. I parked, donned my wool gloves and hat, and pulled the door lever.
I tried again, this time with a slight push on the door itself. Hmm, no movement, but a slight cracking was heard. Smiling at the man in the car next to me like this happened all the time, I jockeyed around in the driver's seat, pulled my leg back, and delivered a kick worthy of Bruce Lee. With a loud "boom" the car blew open and showers of ice crystals fell upon me as I, too, blew out of the car and into the ice-covered parking lot.
Reminiscent of Yukon last year making the grave mistake of rolling down the window (in the same car) after emerging from the car wash to discover moments later that the window had frozen in the down position. Only -10 that day.
Fool us twice......

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dorothy said...

Ha Ha Ha! So we live in the same world? I froze them OPEN one time after the car wash. Quite the quandry for this mommy. I think I sent your Christmas card to the wrong address in AK - time will tell, if it comes back I will redirect it. Chris Erickson died of cancer Sunday, he lived with us for a while in high school. You can find me at urbanservant.blogspot :) d