Friday, December 21, 2007

Test Your Alaskan IQ

My aunt down in the Lower 48 recently sent me a book titled "Alaska Now". Knowing my penchant for old books, she thought I would enjoy it, as it profiles Alaska and everything one needs to know about the "territory". Written in 1950 by a man named Herb Hilscher, the book gave Alaska facts and tips for survival should one decide, as many did, to pack up lock, stock, and kids and move to the Last Frontier.

We read exerpts at the dinner table the other night, and particularly enjoyed the section that soothed worried minds about "Alaskans being just like regular people anywhere". Thank goodness.

So, in the spirit of Alaskana, and all that is unique up here, see if you know the answers to the following trivia questions. Answers with next post.

What year did Alaska become a state?

How many square miles is Alaska?

What is Alaska's state bird?

What is the official sport of Alaska?

How far is Alaska from Russia?

How many stars are on the State Flag?

What is the state's official tree?

The name "Alaska" comes from an Eskimo word Alashak, meaning what?

So, get out your travel books and Web searches to find the answers, and have fun!

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