Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Spit into the Wind

As this site is supposed to be about things I am learning, I will bow to its title and discuss a new little tidbit of information I discovered while jogging last week during our cold snap.
Our nighttime temperatures have finally risen above zero. Granted, there really is not much "real feel" difference to me of a thermometer at zero and one reading five. Comforting nonetheless, I decided to get back into the running regime and suited up. Long johns, wool sport socks, running pants, midweight top, half-zip top, fleece overshirt, gloves, hat, and the cous de gras (and my most prized running possession), the balaclava.
A nifty thing to keep the nose, ears, and chin from freezing completely, the balaclava is a skin-tight wonder that goes over the head and most of the face, leaving me to look like a robber or misplaced scuba diver. My Homer friend even has one with copper coils in it to warm the air she breathes in.
Off I went, feeling much better the further I jogged, toxins releasing like pollen on a spring day.
No moose even, to detour my route. But...
I still have a bit of a cold, and as everyone knows, when you have a cold you might have a bit of post-nasal drip that, well, drips. So you spit. Which I did, frequently.
As I ran faster and farther, this task became a little more difficult, the holding the balaclava down just long enough to spit, then pulling it up before my lips froze. The final launch was, I thought, a winner, surely clearing all body parts before coming to rest on the snowy street.
I arrived home, slowed to a walk, and noticed in the light of the street lamp all these frosty white spots on my black running pants. It was not until I got inside that I saw it was, yep, you guessed it, all the spit, frozen in little splotches on my pants.
Of course, Yukon and Wolf found this to be the coolest thing ever, and it was all I could do to keep Wolf from going outside and trying it himself. Only a 14 year old boy would want to spit on his pants on purpose.
Bear was more thoughtful. "Why did you lugi on you, Mommy?"

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Joanna said...

Whew! You got me laughing with the spit story! How funny.. but how oh-so true.

I'm in Anchorage too, born and raised. Last weekend was a doosey! Not as cold as it has been in the past, but pretty dang cold as it was. Thank goodness it warms up when it snows. :)