Tuesday, January 8, 2008

While the Husband is Away, the Wife Will Clean

Yukon has departed the frozen North for gray and rainy Portland for four days of meetings. I have departed to my downstairs family room for four days of sorting, stacking, purging and trashing more of the "stuff" that seems to accumulate overnight.
A pack rat of the highest esteem, Yukon has collections of paper-type items that date back to his college years. It is my duty as a member of the obsessive-compulsive-cleaner-club to get rid of much of it. Among items of note; a Star Trek Star Fleet Manual (which I actually saved, you never know who might want that some day) and a 1984 "Oregon Women" calendar from his days at U of O. I might keep that too, come to think of it, to remind me that the 80's were a decisively horrid fashion decade.
I am experiencing a certain degree of glee in poking through papers that can safely be thrown out or burned in the wood stove with no fear of Yukon ever discovering I did it. Why? Perhaps the layer of dust covering everything was a clue.
With no kids in the house this morning, Bear having begun pre-school and Wolf back at his institution of higher learning, it is nirvana of organization. Hopefully all telltale signs will be removed before Yukon's return, then I'll wait and see if he even notices....

or I'll put the calendar on his pillow and watch his reaction.

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