Friday, March 28, 2008

Fancy Running Into You

I took the plunge this week and took Jasper running. With the boundless energy his breed is known for, I knew that it was only a matter of time before the heebeejeebees took over. Besides, being chained to him for four days gave me enough perspective to understand his little psyche needed to get outside and do something. So, we dressed in the running clothes, got out the memorial moose lead that belonged to Pepper, and trotted off down the street.

Immediately differences between running with an Old Yellow Dog and a young German Bird Dog became apparant. Whereas the Yellow Dog would run five steps behind me, hoping to get me to stop eventually so she could grumble at every passing yard dog, Bird Dog popped his stubby tail into the air and stepped lively in concert with me. A good feeling.

The further we went the calmer he became, coming to understand his purpose; to just run with Person and not stop to sniff, pee, bark, or otherwise detract from the outing's mission. We jogged this way for almost 45 minutes and circled back to see if any moose could be found along the treeline of the nearby park, just to see what, if anything, Jasper would do upon smelling one. None were visible or within smelling range (this dog has a nose!) so homeward bound we went.

I don't think Bird Dog has had much exercise in the past few months, as he headed straight for his bed after a drink, turned around three times and began snoring. Sleeping seems to be a favorite activity of his, we have noticed.

This weekend we are going to try a short trip to the park, walking on trails outside of our normal route. Jasper is bonding well to us and is trusting that we are okay people to be around.

Oh yes, and I have a writing dog again, too. He is sleeping at my feet, right where Pepper used to sit. A mere arm reach away.

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