Monday, March 10, 2008

Plane Talk

The boys and I, after an extremely crowded flight from Anchorage, are now in the balmy climate of Seattle ready to begin our break-out-to-Spring vacation. I hadn't had the pleasure of traveling with the children by myself for quite some time, and was a bit nervous at the prospect of spending three hours in an airplane cabin with a preschooler and a teenager.
Due to the volume of people like ourselves seizing an opportunity to leave Alaska in March, Wolf was seated by himself across the aisle and behind us, much to his delight. Next to him was an older couple from Maine, and as the flight progressed, I became more thankful for their understanding and willingness to accomodate him.
Bear, for the most part, was happy to be on an airplane and amused himself by looking out the window and reading stories. I had planned on renting the Digiplayer for both boys, but somehow the airline catering company forgot to load them on our flight, our luck. Fortunately I had a laptop and a Beach Boys DVD that Bear loves to watch. Wolf, on the other hand, was crushed to have his uninterrupted three hours of video bliss stymied by unthinking airline personnel.
While I was unsure how to placate him from a distance, the lady seated by his side suggested they play "Twenty Questions", not realizing she was sitting next to a scientific encyclopedia. However, this woman, who must have been hand-picked by Heaven to sit next to my son, thought he was the most amusing, intelligent child she had ever met and proceeded to laugh her way to Seattle. She even gave him a cough drop, Wolf's favorite soothing treat.
God bless this woman and her patient, kind husband, for making my trip, and my son's trip, smooth and enjoyable.
I am sure her knowledge of megaladons has been expanded immensely.

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