Friday, October 3, 2008

The Vote

No, not THAT vote. I refer, on this flurry-ing morning, to the Annual Kirkland Family Snow Date vote. The much-anticipated family bet that has us all on the edge of our cross-country skis.

Each Autumn we view the calendar and decide individually when it is going to snow. Rules dictate that the first snowfall must a) cover the grass so that you cannot see green (okay to see it under trees, however), and b) whoever is closest to the chosen date by two days still wins. I won last year with this rule.

The celebrated winner gets to choose dinner and a movie. I can assure readers that Yukon, Bear, and even Wolf will not soon forget the chinese food and "White Christmas" event of last year when it snowed on October 28. That, incidentially, was the last significant snowfall until Christmas Day, when it snowed a foot.

Yes, Wolf will be participating. If he wins, we will transport a goodie box of favorite things to him. He is understandably excited.

For those who would like to contribute to this gamble over the weather, the dates chosen are, after careful consideration and consultation with the site, the Almanac, and the depth of hair present on the dog:

Yukon: October 15

Mom: October 17 (wouldn't it be something to win on my 40th birthday)

Wolf: November 5

Bear: October 23 (he always gets his birthday by virtue of not knowing what a calendar is.)

I will tell you that this morning as I watch daylight finally appear, there is snow directly above us, and mixed snow and rain outside my window.

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dorothy said...

I pick October 31 - nothing like trick-or-treating in the snow! We have had blizzards here (last one was 1994)with multiple feet of blowing snow for pumpkin day.