Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, Dear

I should have known something was wrong when the child wouldn't eat his Go-Gurt. The slimy yogurt that comes in a plastic sleeve for the pleasure of slurping its gooey goodness did little to entice Bear for breakfast today. I chalked it up to being Monday. I did not for a minute think he was sick; that is, until I picked him up from preschool.

Pallid beyond belief, with dark circles under his eyes, I could not believe the ghost-faced little boy I was collecting was the same I had dropped off a mere two hours prior. "My forehead hurts, Mommy" was all he said when I asked if he felt okay. Uh-oh.

Double uh-oh when he followed that up with "I think I need a nap". Yes, that is certainly cause for alarm. Bear is now curled up in his bed, stuffed animals wedged all around him, shaking and sleeping at the same time. A dose of ibuprofin seemed to curb the initial fever, but only time will tell if we are dealing with the dreaded scourge of Swine Flu or some other virus. Poor little guy, and his birthday is Friday.

Given that Anchorage kids seem to come down with any number of viruses during the fall/winter months due to the fact that every window is kept tightly closed and people proximity is close, it is no wonder. We know two families who have been slammed hard by the H1N1 in the past week, and I am not looking for any reason to join them.

I'll be disinfecting the house, car, and dog now, should anyone need me.

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Dawn Reser said...

When one doesn't eat his GoGurt you really do know something is wrong...There is nothing like a spongebob gogurt (for Mikhael). I think they are nasty...