Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Weekend at the Cabin

We ditched the rainy, windy weather of Anchoage on Friday morning and, despite threats from the National Weather Service of hurricane-strength winds blowing from the South, managed to arrive in Seattle, then Portland, in record time.

What began as an easy, off-season method of visiting family during the off-season last September is now morphing into an annual trip South. With both sides of the family located in either Portland or Seattle, and the family cabin near the lovely Mt. Hood, it makes the most sense to fly into Portland, spend a few days at The Cabin (as it is known), and then go back to Lake Oswego for the remaining time.

Bear enjoys his time with Grandpa, chopping wood with a hatchet, visiting the Zig Zag river that splashes and pours alongside the lower reaches of The Cabin's property line, and wearing his Adventure Hat. The Adventure Hat is an old hiking hat left by one visitor or another, and Bear has acquired it as his key to all things adventurous. He wears it everywhere and counts on its power to help him help his grandpa.

Yukon and I just took it easy, if you can call chainsawing downed trees from last winter's storm and hauling the remains down the driveway relaxing.

At least the beer was cold and the food good. And Grandpa and his oldest daugher had some chainsawing, tree-dropping, wood-hauling kind of fun. Just like once upon a time...

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