Friday, August 13, 2010

From the Wolf Den: Climbing the Rock

When Wolf called early Thursday morning for the Hour of Power, we could tell something was different. Relaxed, casual, it seemed almost as if another kid had taken over his body and we were talking to a typical teenager.

He did it, everyone. He made it all the way through a two-day camping trip in the woods of Utah with a collection of his peers and staff, and did not receive any warnings. Not one. And, he told us, he was one of only three kids to make it to the top of the rock they were climbing.

Who is this, again? I'm not sure we know him.

Still at Level 5 after two weeks, Wolf is now entering what staff consider one of the most powerful and most tenuous places in his schooling. Staying where he is. The rock has been attempted, failed, and attempted again, over and over and over, and now he sits at the top of its slippery flank, supporting himself with only his own fortitude.

There is room only for Wolf on this rock, for it is he that has clawed the route from the bottom. But hopefully he can see over the tops of the trees, toward the valleys and rivers and sunsets that await him.

Yukon, staff, and I are realistic, knowing how hard this will be for Wolf. We told him repeatedly that we were rooting for his success because we knew it was possible. New Therapist B. says he has begun to intersperse various life skills into Wolf's daily routine to see how he handles it. There is talk, real talk now, about his homecoming.

Homecoming. Coming. Home.

We all might be ready, this time.

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