Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So This is What It Will Be Like....

Kindergarten starts in 21 days. With a six-hour, four-day-a-week (school is out early on Fridays) time void staring at me from my Mom-Calendar, I'm torn between doing the Happy Dance of Freedom at putting my second and last child into the halls of higher learning and bursting into tears.

I got a taste of a school day today, when three meetings beginning at 9 a.m. forced me to wake up the Almost-Kindergartener by 7:45 (let me tell you those tears I mentioned in the above paragraph could also be due to the difficulty I had in doing that). I thought I was organized and ready; breakfast, juice, clothes, and backpack all waiting in their appropriate areas, dog fed, I was dressed. Off to a good start. Only trouble is the child wouldn't wake up. Ended up throwing the stuff in the car, the dog into the kennel, and the kid into his booster seat because someone refused to get out of bed. Life is tough, sometimes. Whew.

Once down the road a block or so things evened out and we were one our way to a friends' house where Bear spent the day enjoying his buddies and not eating lunch. Can't have everything.

I, on the other hand, returned home after Meeting #1 and found myself with three free hours of uninterrupted anything-I-wanted. Coffee? Check. Loud music? Double Check. Hey, wait, I can walk the dog; no, I can take the dog for a run, in the middle of the day without an accompanying bicyclist who makes me push him up the hills. Now this is living.

I appeared a the radio station by 2 p.m. relaxed and smiling, causing my co-host to wonder what had happened to have placed such a cheery demeanor upon my mug. I told him I had a day to myself and he said, "Ah, must be the sun."

Or maybe it was the son. I think I can hold out on those tears for a little longer, but ask me in 20 days and 2 1/2 hours...

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