Monday, September 6, 2010

Final Big Trip Means Big Fun

We're on the final day of our six-day trip to Valdez, Alaska. We've not been here before, and I daresay I am kicking myself for not making the trip sooner.

I'm happy yet sad that we're heading home to plan 2011 trips and adventures for; I love to travel around the 49th state, but I also am quite anxious to settle some things around the hacienda before the snow flies. We saw the inevitable 'termination dust' on the way high peaks around Valdez yesterday, and it's only a matter of time before our little Chugach foothills show the same. Sigh.
Fine weather has prevailed, however, for most of this trip and for our anniversary today. We celebrated by taking a day-long cruise via Stan Stephens Wildlife and Glacier Cruises, to the tune of groaning icebergs, barking sea lions, and incredibly gorgeous, sunny skies. A great way to spend a day with my sweetie.

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Natalie said...

Fantastic photos, m'dear! I think you must half dread the snow the way folks in the Middle East dread the heat...I remember it being February and a slightly warmer day (90 F) and thinking "oh, no here it comes..." Glad you had such an amazing summer while it lasted. You live in an utterly beautiful place. Looking forward to more photos. :)