Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's All Part of the Experience

Winter in Alaska brings many things, not the least of which is varying illnesses that for some reason have been sweeping the fam this year.

Both Bear and I have been down with some nasty virus all week, and this morning is the first time in six days I have felt relatively human. Of course, now Yukon has it, and is due to fly out to Florida tomorrow night for a week of training in Orlando. He deserves it, then. Leaving his poor, sniffling family behind.

Anchorage had a big, wild, snowstorm last night that dumped four or five inches of fluffy white stuff all over the place and blew much of it threw the cracks and crevices of windows and doors. No kidding, we felt like we were living Little House on the Prairie, it was so blizzard-like. Kind of exciting until we wondered who was well enough to shovel this morning.

Thinks have calmed down, the sun is coming up (yes, it is 11 a.m., but remember where we live, people), and we are trying to motivate to head out to some friends' to watch the Oregon Duck/Oregon State Beaver game.

More later; an interesting discussion with Wolf this week; a radio interview; and siblings of children with disabilities.

But one thing at a time.

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Natalie said...

Congrats on the game! We were rooting for the Beaves, mostly since our guests were firm wearers of the Orange, but it even seemed like a win-win to them, well done Ducks!