Monday, September 26, 2011

From the Wolf Den: And So We Reach

This is a hard post.

Wolf is struggling, and as a result, so are we. We shudder when the phone rings, shut our eyes when a new email pops up, and our eyes fill with tearful uncertainty when someone asks about him.

There are so many reasons for Wolf's swings of emotion, and we purport to know only a few of them. Indeed, when he is raging at staff, his therapist, or us, he repeats the only fact we, and he, know with absolute certainty:

"You don't understand! You Just Don't Understand!"
We never could, and probably never will.

Our family will eventually come through this crisis as intact as we possibly can, but right now it is a painful reminder of just how tragic this "mental meth-lab" of behavior disorders truly is.
We are reaching up, and out, and all around, as far as we can, to find some way of helping Wolf.

I'm going to take a blogging break, hopefully returning soon. Please join us in praying, thinking, pondering, meditating; whatever you feel comfortable doing, for peace in our son's soul, and in ours.


dorothy said...

Praying - put me on speed dial. love you all and trusting that there is a way through all of this....

Marge said...

You have my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry the recent events have turned in this direction. You had so much hope and were so excited about his move back to your home state. But he speaks the truth, you don't understand. No one can understand if they don't live in his body.

Come back as soon as you can. Until then, you and Wolf will be in my prayers.