Monday, April 21, 2008

Mom and Wolf go to Homer

A weekend of sunshine, relaxation, and the beach. That sums up how Wolf and I spent the last few days, lolling around in Homer. Our favorite vacation spot, I was down there to cover a "Kids in Nature" workshop at the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center (

We decided to allow Wolf to go with me for a few reasons. Yukon had a Stephen Minister retreat at church, and managing Wolf and Bear while attending a retreat would have been difficult. I also thought that a little one-on-one time with mom might not be a bad idea given the bumpy road we have been riding on these last few weeks. So off we went.

The weather was incredible, the mountains towered above us, and the general attitude remained quite peaceful. Wolf spent time with our special friend T., helping him put his new boat in the water down on the Homer Spit. I went out to dinner with my good friend J. We polished off some peel and eat shrimp and a bottle of wine at the Homestead Restaurant while discussing the current challenges and triumphs in our lives.

Wolf and I returned home Sunday, refreshed and ready for a new week. Some changes may be afoot, and I am ready to squarely and honestly face them.

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