Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Think You Don't Need a Nap?

I have been validated! Naps are finally allowed, embraced, and perfectly normal; at least in the rest of the world.

Ever since my children were born (well, ever since I first became pregnant), I have looovvvved my naps, but I always felt a bit guilty. After all, there was work to be finished, laundry to be tackled, stains to be scrubbed.

But a recent study by 24,000 people (that's a lot of naps) showed, without a doubt, that NAPS ARE GOOD. Less heart disease, cancer, stroke, crankiness, screaming; ok, I made up that last part. But how many of you have ever taken a really, really, good nap? I mean a big old hairy, going unconscious nap?

I read somewhere that a nap should be of the "Power" variety, meaning 20 minutes or so. HA! I don't know a mom anywhere who can drop off for only twenty minutes; since it takes 20 minutes to fully remove the laundry list of stuff from our weary brains. Two hours, baby. That's what I'm talking about. Curled up under the covers, phones off, door closed, blinds down (a requirement here in Alaska).

It's about time the rest of the world caught up to me.


dorothy said...

Did they mention that naps (adult and child) help prevent child abuse? I am sure they do in my house!

dorothy said...

Like the new photo - but it takes a while to download on my DSL. Just wanted to let you know.....:) d