Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is a Season in Alaska

As a statement of relief to all those who nearly panicked when their boxes had not arrived as of the 23rd of December, fear not. They did ultimately show up in spite of our mailman.

I always tell people not to worry if presents don't arrive on time, as Christmas is a season in Alaska. Well, so are birthdays, anniversaries, etc. because we never really know when, or if, gifts mailed up here will arrive.

We do not, ever, send things Parcel Post, as a little heads up from We Who Have Been There. The potential for disappointment on the receiving end is not worth the few bucks saved.

At any rate, our Christmas was lovely; Christmas pageant, presents, good will and all. We entertained good friends and even invented a new cocktail using crowberry syrup from a friend and from my own stash left over from the summer's picking adventures. Kirkland Crowberry Cosmos are destined for greatness, I'm sure of it.

Santa arrived in good time and left Bear a large train that emits various sounds from its large engine. He also brought Army Men and a plethora of Playmobile characters. I told Bear he is not allowed to say "I don't have anything to do" for the rest of the winter, and perhaps into the coming year...

We haven't heard from Wolf yet but I am sure CHYC kept the kids busy yesterday; as soon as I talk with him I'll find out how his day went.

Merry Christmas, Happy almost New-Year, and blessings to everyone from Anchorage, Alaska.

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