Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Polar-Plunging Sort of Day

After our 18 inches of snow last week, the weather cleared and the temperature dropped just in time for the annual Special Olympics Polar Plunge, held at a local lake we frequent year-round.

This year I am a 'Ski Buddy' to kids and young adults on the S.O. Ski Team, so we decided to make the Polar Plunge a family fun day despite the 2 degree temperatures. After a serious search for our warmest and winteriest clothing I reserve for the really, really cold days, we packed up the sled and arrived at Goose Lake in time to hear the first few folks take their dives into insanity.

We had to walk a good half-mile from our parking spot at the University of Anchorage due to the incredible volume of plungers and spectators, so that warmed us up but not Bear, who forgot to wear his balaclava (neck, head, face-warmer thing that goes under his hat) and had frozen ears upon our arrival at the lake. Yukon, in a gesture of true love, switched hats with Bear and thus made for a much more enjoyable afternoon.

Our friend K was jumping and we joined his family on the sidelines to witness his bold, batman-costumed leap into the 5 ft deep hold of cold water. Yukon swears that next year he'll get his own team together from the VA and make the leap himself. Such a brave man. Couldn't get me to do it. My feet were cold enough just watching, and it took me all afternoon to warm up.

Hot toddies all around, tonight!

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Jeni said...

I can't even imagine!!! LOL