Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update From the Wolf Den: A Need for Grace

This is one of those days when I struggle to extend grace; to the staff, to my son, and to myself.

A small incident this morning during a routine conference call led to some asserting of my parental authority that subsequently led to silence and what I am sure were some interesting looks around the table at which I was not physically seated.

The most interesting part is my intellectual understanding of how things can be overlooked; I used to do a similar job and know how difficult it is to manage the intricate care plans and procedures for many people (heck, I obviously could not do it for one child). However, from my emotional perspective as a parent I ask that meticulous care be provided for my child in addition to everyone else's. I know the rules, I know the regs, and I will demand they be followed. Every. Time.

I am fighting the urge to hop on a plane and find out what else is going on down there. Just a little bit of trust has been depleted, not much, and not for a major reason, but a bit nonetheless.

Rest assured Wolf is cared for and loved by staff. They just overlooked something I had explicitly asked for and did not receive. Made my point, and hopefully it is over.

But then, with a child in a residential setting, it is never really over.

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Jeni said...

I've got Grace. I'll send her over since we know how she is I'm sure she'll have the staff on their toes in no time. ;)

Praying for you guys. It's hard to put trust for our children in others. It's good that you stay on top of what's going on because I'm sure too often parents don't. I know at Grace's school I have to keep reminding them of what they are supposed to be doing for her. It does help that I can just show up though. The distance adds a whole level of stress for you that I will pray for.