Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From the Wolf Den: Admitting I Was Wrong

Oh, but that's the hardest part of being Wolf. Admitting he screwed up, took the rap, assumed responsibility. We're not exactly sure why this is so darned difficult, but whenever he is found at fault a big falderal takes place, never ending well.

So was the case today, apparently. The most challenging environment for Wolf at CHYC is during Gym class, most certainly not his favorite after being tossed around like a wet noodle at a school in Anchorage and blamed for it due to his argumentative behavior. Today was not a good day. Argument-> Fight -> Bigger Fight -> Restraint. Damn. Damn it all to that Dark Place.

If he'd just let it go he'd be in such a better place. But he can't. All he can do is respond with some primal instinct that keeps telling him not to flee but fight; and fight he does, with all 6'2", 155 pounds of wiry bad self.

In nine hours the Hour of Power begins. I'm struggling tonight with how to respond when he calls. Part of me wants to say nothing. Part of me wants to lay into him like a drill sergeant. Unfortunately, I have not much hope for either choice. Were the stakes not so high, I would be less inclined to put on the pressure for proper behavior.

Perhaps I was wrong for saying that.


Hollinger Family said...

Thank you for sharing so openly in this journey; It is interesting to observe, knowing my journey may be similar in the years to come. Right now it is meltdowns about not liking a craft (he's 6); they just cannot process their emotions properly. Embracing the days...

Natalie said...

I love how, even in the depths of my feeling sorry about the things you're having to deal with, you still make me smile with your writing! Your poor son. None of us like to admit we're wrong, but BOY does it drive us parents crazy when an apology or walking away from trouble is so, SO much easier! Darn it to the Prince of Heck anyway.

dorothy said...

Love you to pieces - and that huge man-boy also!