Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let it Snow?

I'm not sure why I included a question mark in the title; after all, it is only the middle of March and snowfall is not only common, it's expected. But I guess we, and most of Anchorage, had forgotten that with all of our gorgeous sunshine this past month.

I took a breather from a bunch of writing projects late this morning to shovel the driveway, very carefully, for the sunny days and cold nights also led to extremely icy conditions. Like, Zamboni ice, so underneath the five or so inches of snow lay a slick layer of frozen water. Yikes.

The Dog was quite excited at the prospect of going "Outside?!" and, as you can see, promptly dug up his tennis ball for a little catch and release while I shoveled away. A minor problem of the ball becoming buried in the fluffy snow became a lovely exercise in "Find it!"

Temperatures grew so warm (in the 30's by noon) that I discarded my coat and ended up shoveling in my Carhartts and a fleece sweater. Nice, very, very nice. Now if only I could do something about Yukon's old Ford Explorer (we call her "Old Betsy") and her accumulation of ice from a winter of sitting dormant in the driveway.

The snow had all but melted off the major roadways and everybody's decks by the time I picked up Bear at school. I think spring might just be on the way. Maybe.

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Natalie said...

I love love LOVE your dog. And the tennis ball...crack me up. As for the snow, got a little spoiled coming down here, eh? :) No worries, spring is coming.