Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying to Keep It All Together

The most difficult aspect of Yukon's accident and subsequent illness has been the flustery feeling of not quite having my world put together. Normal for me is probably obsessive-compulsive for everyone else, and having to suddenly create New Normal doesn't feel very good (and we wonder where Wolf gets it...).

There is never a good time, I have discovered, for someone in the family to engage in a life or death sort of struggle; but Yukon's could not have come at a worse moment on the Kirkland Family Life Map. A month left of school, Wolf's impending discharge (which has been shifted a few months, for a good reason and one I shall share later this week), Yukon's upcoming trip to Texas, my long list of deadlines. I was stressed before and I'm even more so now.

What's even more difficult is trying to articulate this to Yukon without complaining, a delicate maneuver. My wonderful husband is the epitome of laid-back, accident or no, and moving him along the busy schedule of life at this juncture is becoming a little more difficult, especially since he is not able to drive yet. Medical appointments, blood work, physical therapy, pick up Bear, back to pick up Yukon at the office. Groceries? What are those? Gas for the car? Hey, when did prices go up so far? Took me almost $100 bucks to fill up the Ford Valdez (joke, ask my Travelgram Cohost about that nickname).

Many of you have suggested I take a nap. I would, if I could find my side of the bed underneath Yukon's stash of pillows. See? Here I go.

What I really need is a weekend alone at the beach. I don't think that's wrong of me to wish for it. Is it?


Natalie said...

It's sofa and tea time, with a fuzzy blanket. That's all I'm sayin'. 15 minutes. Do it, girl!

dorothy said...

How about a day at the beach with a girlfriend who has known (and loved) you far longer than all these troublesome men in your life? I'm thinking we are on our 38th anniversary this spring....:)