Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update From the Wolf Den: Back Where He Started...

Wolf is back where he started. Literally, though.

While the rest of his family was engaged in keeping Yukon alive and well these past few weeks, Wolf's therapists and support staff have been hatching a plan to return him to the unit at CHYC that started it all...

After a tough winter in his current living situation with guys who seemed intent on making his life miserable, I received a call from my fav Clinical Director, R., who manages the original unit Wolf started out on his journey to CHYC three years ago. "I think we need to get him out of there," said R. in his characteristically cool voice. "We've all been talking here and think we can make it work, so let's plan on next week."

To better equip Wolf with the social skills he so desperately needs prior to the transition up North to Fairbanks, a move back to the Asperger's unit will work on group dynamics, leadership (Wolf is now the oldest rather than the youngest), and independent skills necessary for going to a regular school in Fairbanks. Big agenda at even bigger stakes.

During our morning Hour of Power, Wolf's voice was happy but serious, since the Unit Director, Miss B. told him the leash is pretty short. Really short. Like, don't go out of my sight short. He has some work to do, but this move is the first positive step towards July, when hopefully the final leap will be out of the building forever.

What a feeling.


dorothy said...

Yeah! Glad they were working on this 'behind your back..' or maybe they just 'had your back.' which is an entirely different thing!

Marge said...

Hope Wolf digs in and does the work he needs to do so he can make that move this summer. Thinking of you often and hoping Yukon's recovery is going well.

Have a blessed Easter!