Friday, May 27, 2011

Disney Dreaming: How Would Wolf Handle the Magic Kingdom?

Yukon and I knew we might be heading into hot water with Wolf when we conducted our weekly Hour of Power via the room phone from the 9th floor of the Disneyland Hotel suite thoughtfully provided for us by Disney.

Wolf, I'm sure, feels bad sometimes when Bear gets to go places he doesn't, and justifiably so. I'd be ticked if it were me. Disneyland is the top of most kids' fantasy vacation list, and our oldest son's was no different.

I'd spent two whirlwind days exploring Disneyland and adjoining California Adventure with six year-old and 49 year-old children. Park work, part play, it was my job to find the undiscovered, or at least unwritten-about "little things" at both parks. Thinking about Wolf was constant, but not always despairingly so.

I learned this about Disney: If a child wishes to visit the park and has particular needs, be they physical, mental, social, or otherwise, Disney will make sure it happens. We saw kids in wheelchairs who had broken legs two days before leaving home for the vacation of a lifetime. Kids undergoing chemotherapy, kids with cerebral palsy, sight-impaired children, children in foster care; they were all there, and all were treated with respect and dignity and, most important, just like everybody else. Isn't that what all kids want?

It is comforting to know that should we decide to take Wolf to Disneyland, they would take care of him. And us.

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