Saturday, May 14, 2011


Five weeks after Yukon's accident, spring seems to have really arrived in Alaska. A fine, green mist of new leaves covers the bony branches of our birch and cottonwood and willow trees, and grass is tentatively beginning to show up under shaded areas of our yard.

Sporting a little more mobility every day, Yukon continues his recovery slowly but steadily, and we hope this continual slog upward will prove positive in the weeks to come. The pins are due to come out of his elbow around June 1st, when physical therapy will ramp up to recovery mode. At this point, therapy focuses on slowing edema (swelling) and mobility of shoulder, wrist, and fingers in addition to the limited elbow exercises our friend and PT pro insists upon three times a day.

Yukon is tired, to be sure, but given permission to return to work full-time has been a blessing, overall. I do have to remind him not to overdue, but with an "all clear" from his doctor regarding the embolism and DVT, he can work, and work out, at his discretion. Finally.

Thursday evening our family participated in the local running club's first race of the season. Called, appropriately enough, the "Do Run Run", Yukon decided to pin on a bib and give it a try, eventually walking a 2k and welcoming a very successful Bear (and moi) at the finish line. (Bear, btw, flew through his 3k race with a very impressive 4th place finish).

Last night we went on our first Date Night since the accident. Nothing fancy; just dinner at a local pub and a walk around Potter Marsh, a wildlife/bird refuge affording beautiful views of Cook Inlet, the Chugach range, and the marshy grasslands housing hundreds of migrating birds.

It's been a long time since we could walk along together for no particular reason at all. Not across a medical office parking lot or the pharmacy or the office. Just walking.

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