Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day at Independence Mine

We took a break from the stress and excitement of Wolf's transfer back to Alaska by immersing ourselves in a little Alaska. Nice huh?

A friend went with us (single mom without her son all summer, so she was lonely and wanting a little AK Fam excitement; we gladly provided!) to Hatcher Pass and Independence Mine, high in the alpine lakes area of Palmer, Alaska. Palmer is the site of the 1935 Colonists/New Deal by then-President Roosevelt to hopefully jump-start the economy and their farming lives. It sort of worked. Now the area is prime farming land (in an Alaskan sort of way) and one of our favorite destinations.

We climbed high to a mountain lake, ate a yummy lunch of smoked salmon, crackers, and cheese, then came back to our house to enjoy cocktails in the back yard. A pretty nice day. Very nice, actually.

How was yours?


Marge said...

Our day was quiet, and the scenery was certainly not as beautiful as it is at Independence Mine! We've been there, and loved mountains of the Hatcher Pass area.

Hope the plans for Wolf's return to Alaska are going well. Are you still doing your Marine Highway trip?

AKBrady said...

Hi Marge! Yes, we depart next week and Wolf will be transferring back to AK with a staff member from his new home. I think it will be a good move to do it that way, ultimately. How are you?