Friday, July 15, 2011

Southeast Alaska and Other Updates

The one thing about southeast Alaska is its unending uncertainty regarding the internet. Always. So forgive me for the blogger silence; I've been frantically trying to find a wifi hotspot for the AKontheGO work I must do first. This morning I had to beg the hotel staff (who were most happy to oblige me after they realized I would be writing about them, HA) to let me use their front desk computer to update things. Argh. All seems to be working at the moment, but since I never know when the magic of wifi will magically go away, I thought I'd better provide some updates....

Wolf will be coming home on July 19. When we had the last Hour of Power (we were at the airport waiting to board our flight for Juneau), Therapist B. and I told Wolf the exact date. After a speechless moment during which Therapist B. said Wolf was a bit teary-eyed (who wouldn't be; I know I was), Wolf jumped into the air and yelled "YES!" Yes, indeed. Bear and I will go up to Arctic Manor in Fairbanks as soon as we can after our arrival home, and get the big lad all set up for school and life in the Interior region of Alaska.

In the meantime, the rest of us are down in Juneau, enjoying a sunny/cloudy day after a drizzly start to our trip yesterday. Nonetheless, we are indeed Alaskans and have had a wonderful time no matter the weather. Whales bubble-feeding (photo above), hiking atop Mount Roberts; it's all be special and magical and a trip to be cherished. Tomorrow we board the Alaska Marine Highway System for Skagway and a little Gold Rush immersion. Bear can hardly contain himself.

Yukon and I are having a glass of red wine while the late afternoon sun filters through the tall, dark spruce trees we were so glad to see after so much time spent up North. We miss the big trees and the scents they release; it is a little reminder that the Pacific Northwest is, was, and will always be, Home.

We're thinking a lot about Home these days, every one of us.

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