Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Update From the Wolf Den

Yukon, Bear, and I are now home from our 14-day excursion around southeast Alaska. Be it ever so crumbled (haha), there is indeed no place like home.

With our return, it is time for me to unpack and pack again for a trip, north this time, to see Wolf and his new digs at Arctic Manor. I have been saving posters and important "stuff" I know he wants just for this occasion. We've talked a bunch over the course of these past few weeks, and I am so incredibly blessed to have such a compassionate, open-minded team of houseparents who are looking over this next phase of Wolf's life.

I will leave on August 10th for a fast trip to Fairbanks, where I'll meet with the school district to begin negotiations (because that is what it will be) of how, where, and in what form Wolf will return to a mainstream high school. It will be hard for me; I have one set of expectations, I am sure they have another; and I am not the easiest person to communicate with when I think (or know) I'm right. But this is my kid, who, if not me, will advocate for what he needs most?

Bear desperately wants to go with me, but I think I'll leave him behind this trip so I can completely focus on my tasks at hand, and so that Wolf and I can get outside, take a hike, shop for new bedding and such. It's funny to have two kids to get ready for school, the first time ever.

Feels pretty good, all things considered.

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