Monday, June 23, 2008

The Perfect Plan

It's not every day one comes up with the Perfect Plan. Other stuff gets in the way, preventing the perfectness, but this time, it was all perfect. Every second.

Our good friend, two-time cancer survivor, Bear's godmother, and all-around groovy gal was retiring from the National Park Service back in our hometown of Port Angeles this past weekend. Yukon and I had not initially planned on going down for her retirement party. Too much summertime stuff going on along with Yukon's crazy VA travel schedule, and frankly, flying anyplace these days does not fill me with joy.

But the invitation arrived in the mail a few weeks ago along with this little voice that said, "Oh come on, just go. Make the trip. See some people. Don't take the kid." So we did. But, we did it ALL on the sly.

To sweeten the surprise, we told no one outside of two co-conspirators who were necessary to pull off the whole thing. One was Yukon's close friend from the NPS who shares his birthday, and he offered his cozy artist's studio at their equally cozy plot of land outside of town. There is even a hot tub. The other was our foodie friend who makes even us feel like we can appreicate a four-hour journey into the Italy through his exquisite wine and menu selections.

It is not every day you can make people cry with joy. But we did. And it was good. Very good. As soon as I find the camera I will post some photos of our whirlwind weekend of reconnection and revelation. And I will share the one thing we discovered by this Peninsula getaway.

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