Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who's the Boss?

It clearly isn't me. With increasing regularity, a three-foot tall stranger with a big mouth spouting unreasonable demands is invading our household.

After a week spent with a bunch of young-ish teenagers, the Child Formerly Known As Bear has transitioned into The Boss; woe to he or she who tries to dispute this obvious fact. That means Yukon and me most of the time.

Obviously our twice-attended VBS experience did little to teach the little wonder boy about subservience to one's mother and father. He must have missed that part while bossing around the big kids, (he does that too).

This was funny at first, as most of the things are with our little ones. But then the "You are not the boss of me, Mommy" statement happens in a crowded place, making even the most hardened of us want to hide under our shopping carts. Ours was Costco as we were making our casual way down the candy and other crap aisle (my mistake in the first place, but we needed to avoid a huge family with three carts).

I had vetoed the purchase of a teddy bear filled with gum balls and dismissed the incident. Then the stranger/child appeared in my own Bear as he screwed up his face, lowered his eyebrows, and gave me a verbal lashing ending with "You don't tell me NO Mommy!".

Excuse me?

Perhaps the Border Crossing Official took my little angel and replaced him with someone else when I was not looking.

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dorothy said...

Are our 4 year olds emailing? Mine is on the exact same page except that she is a girl so it's ".....sob...sniffle..whimper...YOU ARE NOT MY BOSS!....wail...sob...sniffle." Let's get them together and let them decide who is really the boss - I think it would hash out to be my 28 month old Lily - there is none bossier or tougher!