Tuesday, June 3, 2008

VBS Haines

The fun continues in Haines...
The kids are all working hard and enjoying themselves. Each morning begins with a prayer for the children in VBS, and our kids are showing their maturity and sense of self with their heartfelt desire to show Haines how much they want to be there.
Today they worked at Rainbow Glacier Camp after VBS, helping the staff prepare for the summer session. Mopping, dusting, and even building a bedroom gave our kids the chance to appreciate a little (okay, a lot) hard work for the good of others. We had a bonfire post-work party and ate too much, and the kids enjoyed a round of freeze tag among the trees.
Everyone is well and happy; we are ready for day three of VBS tomorrow!

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dorothy said...

Miss me? Wow I hate working with new computers....looks like you are having a great time, I will be praying for you especially as you drive home.
We should be in the homeland the first 10 days of August...any chance of converging?