Sunday, June 1, 2008

Youth on a Misssion

The Junior High youth of First Presbyterian have arrived in Haines for their week of learning, growing, and having a ton of fun. While the weather is not the brightest, the warm welcome we have received more than makes up for cloudy skies and cool temperatures.

The kids are staying with different families in Haines, and all have settled in with their host families, meeting at Haines Presbyterian this morning in time for worship. Pastor Ron Horn and the congregation let us know how much our presence is appreciated, and the kids were more than happy to introduce themselves to the group.

Today was spent getting to know the Haines families and finishing final preparations for VBS, which starts tomorrow. The kids "Powered Up" the sanctuary with balloons after a picnic lunch out on the back lawn of church. The views in Haines are breathtaking, even to this teenaged crew who hardly slows down to eat, and we enjoyed our picnic overlooking Lynn Canal and the Boat Harbor.

After lunch we all took a drive out to Rainbow Glacier Camp, where afternoon work sessions will be an important part of the week. We hiked out to the Vespers area and took a walk along "skipping rock cove", courtesy of Jennifer McGovern, who grew up in Haines.

This evening we are having dinner with the Director of VBS, Bonnie, and her husband Terry. Right now the kids are outside playing badminton on the lawn, waiting for their halibut bbq!

Please pray for our youth as they begin VBS tomorrow; that they will be ready for the joys and challenges of working with these children, and that they will learn a bit about themselves along the way. Parents, you should be proud of your kids; we chaperones sure are!

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