Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alaska Changes and So Do We

Oh but it's been an exciting week here in the Kirkland household. Wolf has had a great week and is still riding the positive tide of a visit by the Highland Rugby team from Salt Lake. A friend commented today that it is so great he is doing well; indeed, we are happy he is happy, and for now, that is enough. More than enough.
Wolf is looking ahead to an outing in a few weeks with his therapist to Target, a big day for sure.

Bear, too, has reached another milestone in his young life; one that every Alaskan child must reach if he or she is ever to become a true Sourdough someday. He caught his first fish in a little city-owned, Fish and Game-stocked lake with our good friend, Mr. T.(Ha, he'll love that). Yukon packed him up early Saturday morning with a dozen doughnuts as incentive, and spent a special few hours down by the water teaching our most anxious four-year-old how to cast, jig, reel, and who knows what else. Very serious, as Bear often is about things involving skill, he followed directions well and was rewarded at the very last minute with his special rainbow trout. He showed it to everyone and anyone he came in contact with yesterday, from the neighbor to a church intern, to the babysitter (who ultimately helped him clean it and earned double pay from me).

Today we spent one more afternoon at Arctic Valley picking crowberries before our upcoming vacation. The difference in landscape over seven days was definitely noticable in the march towards autumn in fireweed, grass, and even a few leaves that have dressed early for the fall dance.

We are entering my favorite time of year, when I start organizing the wood pile out back, making jelly and syrup, and generally surveying the status of the landscape, wondering, once again, how long it will be before we see a dusting of white on the mountaintops.

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