Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is it Time, Yet?

Ever seen that Disneyland commercial where the kids are laying in bed so extremely excited to be leaving for the Magic Kingdom that they are beyond control? Yeah, that's about where we are. Or, at least one of us.

Bear is about to pop something, he's so beside himself. I spent the day organizing, packing, and in some cases repacking, gear for two weeks of hopeful vacation bliss in lovely Southeast Alaska and the homey Pacific Northwest.

We're ready, we're willing, and hopefully by tomorrow morning, we'll be able. Yukon spent most of the day at his office tidying up some big projects that thankfully will now not dominate his thinking for the next fourteen days. Bear spent his day reorganizing my sofa so that the cushions now resemble a fort, and watching White Christmas. Don't ask me why.

The only one not so excited by all this preparing and packing is the dog, who has been in a deep depression since the luggage made an appearance. Fortunately the Southern Neighbors will take good care of him and provide more than enough attention and cookies.

We'll be blogging our way South, we hope, but one never knows about such things as wireless internet on a floating city. So, bear with us.

Bon Voyage!

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