Friday, August 14, 2009

When Our Ship Comes In

According to Bear's fingers, we have only two more days until we leave on our Holland America cruise from Seward to Vancouver,BC. He uses his hand as a fairly accurate calendar towards our departure, as it is always available for him during the day to announce to anyone and everyone when we leave. He is sort of right...

The length of this vacation is longer than any other we have taken as a family, save for the road trip to South Carolina in 2004, and I can personally attest that was NO vacation. Our ship has come in, and we are going to be on it.

Of course August in Alaska leaves much to be desired in the weather department. Since we are generally a month or two ahead of the Lower 48 in terms of seasonal shift, the rains and cooler temperature have appeared and there is clearly going to be some chilly days aboard the Veendam. For our family, it matters not, as we expect, if not welcome, the fall weather, and will go prepared with everything from wool gloves to hats to Bear's Grunden rain pants. I only hope our fellow passengers have been taking notice of the weather reports.

Today is my day to wind up some work, do the last of the laundry, and clear out food that has been hanging around the refrigerator longer than two weeks. None of this sounds particularly appealing, so thankfully I have a meeting to break up the monotony. Bear gets to go to a friend's house, which will break up the constant referral to his "hand calendar", at least for a while.

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