Friday, August 28, 2009

Alaska Versus Olympic Peninsula

After being away from the Olympic Peninsula almost five years, and up in Alaska for almost four, we notice certain aspects of both places that give us pause.

For example, we spent yesterday at a friends mini-forest-farm in Sequim, enjoying their expansive yard, chicken coops, and home-brewed beer. Yukon went bike riding with Mr. Friend and Bear and I hung out in the sunshine with Mrs. Friend (they are going to get all over me for calling them that).

Anyhow, Bear was outside in the yard with a friend and as I watched him run all over the yard I thought how nice it was to not worry about keeping a sharp eye out for critters. Had we been in Alaska, I would be wary about allowing him outdoors, in the woods, without adult supervision and perhaps a can of Counter Assault bear spray in my hand. Even without any bears around, I would have had to warn him to make lots of noise and watch for moose browsing in the bushes. As it was yesterday, about the only thing I needed to watch out for was the occasional bee.

I also became quite excited about the fact that Mrs. Friend placed her garbage, which consisted of some Dungeness crab shells, in the trash OUTSIDE. Wow. Right there, on the deck, no lock on it or anything.

Perhaps there is something to be said for civilization. Perhaps.

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