Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Challenge For the Champ

It's been a rock-em-sock-em kind of day in Anchorage with parents all over the city collapsing in exhaustion after a gazillion hours spent at the Great Alaskan Martial Arts Festival and Tournament.

Our first experience in any sort of martial arts event other then the usual quarterly Color Belt promotion tests, Bear and I were introduced to the finer points of what amounts to a Korean love-fest for their national sport.

Master Yu, god bless him, is a true professional when it comes to his marketing and public relations strategies. Today we had, seated at our VIP table, dignitaries from the Anchorage Police Department, the ARC of Anchorage (a non profit dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities; we, btw, find them to be very helpful), and even the guys who are building the new Champ Taekwondo building. Nice touch. We watched teams from all over Anchorage and environs parade in, as well as a team from South Korea, one from Kentucky, and one from Washington, D.C.

Normally I am not big on the competition side of things for a four-year-old. Bear does not like loud noises (swimming pools and gymnasiums being the worst), so it took two tries to get him to agree to compete today. I am also not usually a fan of the "trophies for everyone" mindset, believing that sometimes we win and sometimes the other guy does, and life is not about being victorious all the time. However, given the measure of courage AND patience displayed by our Bear Cub as we waited and waited and waited for his turn to compete, by gumbo, the little bugger deserved each of his awards, as well as the trip to McDonalds post-competition.

Mommy was awarded a beer when we got home. A big, tall, cold one.


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dorothy said...

Yeah O! Great job! We are thinking abotu our first competition in November...the kids not mom - I will have to manage the crew and get them to where they need to be in time. :)