Monday, September 21, 2009

Dad Visits the Wolf Den

"You wouldn't believe what this kid has created" were the first words out of Yukon's mouth tonight. Transmitted via cell phone from CHYC in Utah, where Yukon is taking a week to dually work/visit Wolf, this was a rather startling comment, especially given the past few weeks of angst.

My answer was of course "No, I probably wouldn't; what is it?" remembering some of Wolf's other "creations" in the past. I was thankful the "thing" did not, coincidentially, have anything remotely inappropriate associated with "it". For a change. What "it" is, apparently, looks like a Star Trek manual worthy of Star Fleet Command, much to my Trekkie husband's delight.

History proves life is always good when Yukon and Wolf get together. Cut from the same weave of fabric in many ways, the two have always managed to meld where Wolf and I cannot. There is no better person to visit Wolf right now as he struggles with a difficult transition at school and an even more difficult check to the reality of his world.

Yukon went into this weeklong visit with his eyes wide open. Not laying his eyes upon the young man since his swift delivery of Wolf in May of 2008, he did have some expectation of a "wow" moment when they spied each other. But I don't think either one of them expected the flood of emotion that followed.

In a burst of uncharacteristic glee, Yukon said, Wolf wrapped his long, lanky arms around his dad and hugged him. Hugged him tight and grinned; as wide a smile as we have ever seen. Yukon was thrilled to see the skinny youth he left behind had grown to face him eye-to-eye and man-to-man, finally; both on the same plane of physical existence, both looking at life, and hopefully each other, a little differently.

Whether or not Yukon's visit will leave Wolf with long-term effects remains to be seen; his disability and choices in behavior lately leave us no choice but to be a bit wary. But today is a good day for all of us to reflect and rejoice over a child reunited with one person who will always, and forever, love him as a father should.

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