Monday, September 28, 2009

Update from the Wolf Den: What's Next

Yukon has returned from his week visiting Wolf at CHYC and attending a VA training in Salt Lake. He deserved, and received, a big welcome home from us.

Honestly, I was not sure how this visit would go; sending dads to take care of detail-oriented things like clothes shopping, meeting with teachers, etc. and managing a week of training for his own career does not always mean success for either. But my darling Yukon did it, and did it well, nagivating this new phase of Wolf's life at CHYC with the right amount of support and love. There was no one better for the job.

Some of the updates provided by Yukon are thus: Wolf has moved to a new unit better equipped to both manage Wolf's behaviors and support his therapy to overcome them. This is a crucial element to Wolf's future success. While it means that we approach this move as if he was just entering CHYC, we are truly thankful (once more) for insightful and caring staff of the school who recognized current therapies were not proving successful, and took steps for Wolf's benefit. Wolf will be in this particular unit for a long time. Perhaps until his 18th birthday, during which time we will cross the rickety bridge to adulthood and a whole new realm of life skills and independence. Or not. It all depends on him.

Yukon brought back a bunch of Wolf's belongings that he has either grown out of or are not considered optimal for his progression at school. While it is painful to look at some of these items, I think it is more important to look beyond the "stuff" and view the bigger picture of who he was when he left Anchorage, and who is being given the opportunity to become.

I would not change either.

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dorothy said...

At least you know what you are doing for the next season! Nothing like a good tight decision to help level things out.