Saturday, September 19, 2009

Urgent! Help Me Win the Bet for 2009!

It is once again time for the annual Kirkland Family First Day of Snow wager. Even though daytime temperatures are hovering around the 65 degree mark, and any signs of the white stuff are nonexistent upon even the highest of Alaskan slopes, I have nonetheless opened the betting for the 2009 contest. The National Weather Service predicts snow/rain in the higher mountains of Anchorage mid-week; this is enough to spur me to action.

I have checked the forecasts, spun the weather wheel, consulted with the heavens, and am ready to begin my decision-making...after the guys do.

Bear chooses his birthday every year; normally by default due to his tender age. This year he has chosen it on purpose, so October 23 is taken. Yukon is trying to fool me by saying he hasn't decided yet, but it won't work. Not after last year's fluke win with 4 inches of snow the first week of October. (see photo above)

I am taking any and all suggestions. The rules are simple: snow must cover the grass (not necessarily the street). Winner receives dinner and a movie of his or her choice. This year I am also adding cockatils for the adult victor...

Last year it was indeed 'The Guns of Navarone' and Five Alarm Chili. At least Harrison Ford was in the movie.

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dorothy said...

9/22 - the first day of Fall! :)