Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Fun in the 49th State

Whew, has it really been so long since I put up a post? Yikes, sorry everyone. With so many people running around here things got a little crazy.

We had a super time having the fam come up and visit from Seattle, and a definite highlight was watching the cousins interact with each other. I'm in love with my niece and wasn't quite ready to give her up at the airport this morning.

Homer was our main destination for all things fun, and we indeed had a blast, walking on the beach, taking a fast ferry to the little town of Seldovia (rain and all), and simply hanging out in our little beach cottages. My brother and sister-in-law were able to go halibut fishing and brought back plenty of fish for their freezer at home. Can't go to Homer and not go fishing.

Bear is exhausted, though, and is just now waking up. Yukon, too, is a bit slow this a.m. and is sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Our weather leaves a bit to be desired; rainy, windy, and generally not too fun, so today will be a "catch-up" day.

Here's some photos of our fun times.

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Natalie said...

No worries! We knew you were out having fun. :)